I spy [day 156]

I’m working on a video and 2 fun photo shoots today.  Creative downtime!  In making the video, I’m using props I already have or borrowing from the neighbors.  I’m glad they still answer the door when I’m the one ringing the bell.

Today, just a little fun… collecting digital stuff.  I spy images, made about 7 or 8 years ago, using pics from the web.  Mostly eBay.  Have fun with them.  I have Christmas sets and lots of other themes that I will post sometime.


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paperless. I need your junkmail. [day 155]

Let’s see… A trip to the grocery store, a quick stop at the thrift store and trying to fix my temperamental grill once again, not a huge shopping day.  My kids have outgrown most of their winter clothes so I needed to find some sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts for them.  I found 3 pieces of clothing and a thermos my son wanted for warm lunches.

I have been thinking a lot lately about paperless mail solutions.  Why?  Because I’m doing an awareness art project.  Also, because I tried to go paperless on all of my bills, and on some, that’s no easy task.  In my mind, paperless should be the default option, or at least an option.  I suppose the mail carrier doesn’t see it that way.

Give me your junk mail. Yes, my art project needs a lot of junk mail… in envelopes.  I don’t need flyers, postcards or newspapers, but I do need anything with envelopes.  Please help me and you will keep me from diving into my neighbors recycling bins.  (Carrie, that was for you)  :)  More to come on the art project…


I was targeted [day 154]

I had to go to Target to allow my son to exchange a birthday gift he received.  I put it off for a few weeks, but I needed to get it done.  I had to pick up a few groceries, and Target is a place where I could get both things done.

Of all the retail stores, I probably like Target best.  Honestly speaking here, I think it’s because they have stuff I like, but in every color imaginable.  I caught myself looking around and liking some of the things I saw, and I even thought about what it might be like to make a purchase.  Once I processed the thoughts through my ‘no retail shopping for a good reason’ filter, the items I thought about didn’t seem too appealing anymore.

Targeted. It’s almost halloween and here’s a new item you can get.  Themed halloween nutcrackers.  If they sell great at Christmas time, let’s make them for all holidays!  Wow.  I didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year.

Merrily targeted. I’m trying to teach my kids to save their money, and if they do spend it, to spend it wisely.  Does anyone else find this hard to do when every single thing in our society teaches impulse spending and that more stuff makes you successful?  Well, here’s your solution.  Save merrily with $10 Christmas themed piggy banks.  Candy cane pigs, reindeer pigs, elf pigs, ornament pigs and if you want to hear your child scream, get the satanic looking santa pig.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who leaves Christmas stuff out year round.  So does the money get stored away with the Christmas decorations?

I’ll merrily pass on this one.  They’re cute, but I see it as more clutter.  If it encourages your kids to save money, then this might be a good use of $10 though.  :)

together we can [day 153]

My kids are entering an art contest, the theme is “together we can”.  The photos here aren’t their first photos, but it is their first experience with Photoshop.  Cole’s photos are about the food army, video and pics are on foodarmy.info.  Joe’s photos are about recycling and his info and video can be found at recyclekids.info.

These were fun projects to work with and quality time with my kids.  No money was spent to make these videos or photographs, everything used was stuff we already had in the house.

yes, I went to the mall [day 152]

I know!!  But I had a good reason!  Three actually…

#1 – Friendship

My friend Susan, who is a walking miracle and an awesome woman, can’t drive right now.  She had major surgery and is on a no driving restriction for several months.  I’m off work on Mondays so I asked if she needed to go anywhere.  She said the mall.  Everyone around us stopped, looked and laughed.  It’s ironic, but I’m all about a trip to the mall.  I would not buy anything there even if I could, so it was safe.

#2 – Recycling

Aveda will take all of your plastic bottle caps and tops and will recycle them to make caps for their future products.  Most of the local recycling programs only take the big stuff, but not the lids.

I brought in my bags of lids and they gladly took them.  I knew someday I would end up at the mall and decided to collect these until that day came.  Now I can refill my little container that sits next to my recycling bin.   Continue reading

use it until it falls apart [day 151]

This made me smile.  A reusable express mail envelope?  I don’t use any type of mail system very often so I had no idea UPS was doing this.  Is DHL and FedEx doing this too?  The little tag line is:

Use.  Reuse.  Then recycle.

I like that, but I would change it to:

Use.  Keep using.  If it’s not falling apart, use it again.  Use.  Use.  Use until you can’t anymore.  Then recycle.

Why reuse only once?  Keep using these, then make them into an accordion file for your important papers or to store recipes or something.  Yeah UPS!

strings attached… [day 150]

I was paging through a girly magazine as I getting my hair done last week.  ‘Done’ meaning colored…  So this isn’t my normal choice of magazine, as I prefer art, life or business themes, however I thought I would look just to see what the hype is about.  I’m sure shopping in thrift stores doesn’t provide me with the current style trends I might need to know.

Strings attached… Now I love my friendship bracelets.  I have a few from my kids, some from friends, some made by the kids at Casa Hogar and one I found on the floor at the library.  I’ve had them on for months.  Mine are special because they were made by people I know, or the store bought ones (that probably cost less than $.25) given to me for s special reason.

Now I liked these pictured in the magazine, that was until I saw the price.  They range from $130 to $250.  Is that for all of them?  And enough for my friends?  The strings attached would be knowing that your friend gives you a piece of jewelry that costs as much as a small car payment.  Detaching strings…    Continue reading

who is Lee M. Cardholder? [day 149]

Let me start by saying I’m not a baseball fan, but I did watch the Texas Rangers game last night and it’s pretty cool that they’re going to the World Series.  As I typically do with any sports games, including the Superbowl, I watch for the commercials.  Last night was no exception.

Capital One had a commercial for their new Venture card.  I didn’t hear much of the commercial, but the image I saw on TV intrigued me.  The card pictured had the name Lee N. Cardholder.  At least I thought it was an ‘N’.  If it was an ‘N’, that would be ‘lean’ or ‘lien’, which being a graphic designer, I can recognize a subliminal message faster than the average bear.  I do it, all graphic designers do it.  It’s creative and fun, a hobby of sorts for us.  It’s like a designer’s secret language.    Continue reading