play plinko at the farmers market

I decided to go to the Frisco Farmers’ Market today.  As the words farmers’ market suggests, I expected to find lots of local produce vendors and maybe a few other food-type vendors.  Since the name starts with Frisco, maybe my expectations should have been a little different.

From Wikipedia:  A farmers’ market (also or farmers market) consists of individual vendors—mostly farmers—who set up booths, tables or stands, outdoors or indoors, to sell produce, meat products, fruits and sometimes prepared foods and beverages. Farmers markets add value to communities.

From the Frisco Farmers’ Market website:  Local growers offer juicy melons, peaches, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh corn on the cob and lots more. Also offered are baked breads, meat from local ranchers, honey, arts and crafts, and various other products.  Something for everyone.

I was surprised that out of 30 vendors, only 9 of them sold produce or locally grown items.

I enjoyed my trip to the outdoor market, which may be better description of it.  In my opinion, if it’s a farmers’ market, it should be farmers selling their fruits and vegetables.  Now, as it is described on the website, it’s all that including arts, crafts and various other products.  If that’s the case, call it what it is.  An outdoor market or farmers’ market and more.  

I did find it a bit odd that insurance companies and banks were there as vendors.  The bank even had a Plinko game you could play to win plastic prizes.  There was even one major retailer there with a booth.

I’m not offended by these non-farmers being there, but the name suggests otherwise.  Maybe we need a name with some better descriptors.  I found two vendors that I purchased from because I like what they stand for.  One was food related, the other was not.

Our Busy Hands artfully recycles everything from found objects at yard sales to things that would be found in a residential recycling bin.  They can find a way to repurpose anything you you can think of.

I bought a necklace made out of old magazine pages.  Did I need a necklace?  No, but I love what they are doing– making a living and helping the planet by repurposing stuff.  Awesomeness.  Stop and talk with them.  They’re really nice people.

Trale Mix uses all natural, gluten free ingredients, It’s unsalted and naturally sweetened.  I was intrigued by the espresso flavored mix.  It contains dark chocolate covered espresso beans among other yummy natural ingredients.  Their labels are printed on 100% recycled paper and the bags are some sort of recyclable plastic, although I couldn’t find any info on the baggies.  This stuff is awesome!  I suggest trying some.

I’m glad my city is supporting small and local businesses.  If they changed the name of this to something more descriptive of what it is, don’t you think it would help increase business for these vendors?  I do.  I’m all about supporting local businesses.  For you big box retail store lovers, this is like that, but it’s outside and it’s mostly small businesses.  All in all, shopping here is a great way to support your community.  :)