Change me! Change me! [day 1]

singing-air-filter-hvac-music-notesI woke up to the whistling sound of my return air duct singing, “Change me!  Change me!  I’ve sucked in as much dust and dirt as my little fibers can handle.”  Yes, of course it’s a disposable filter.  I know they make non-disposable filters, but they’re very expensive and I’ve been told they don’t work as well.  I guess I’ll be researching that today, as I have no plans to just turn it off and freeze to death.  (What?  It’s possible to freeze to death in 50° weather.)  Continue reading

I’ve come to a plastic fork in the road [a new challenge]

plastic fork in the road

This little plastic fork was photographed in its natural habitat… a parking lot.

This has been on my mind for a while.  I try my best every day not to use anything disposable, especially if there are other options or if I can do without.  You might be asking, “What does that mean?  Plastic forks?  Napkins?  Plastic bags?  Toilet paper?”  Here’s what I mean.  Any time I have a choice, I go with something non-disposable.  If I’m eating at work, I’m the oddball that grabs a metal fork, while others clutch their plastic forks.  I’m not saying that to be judgmental, I’m saying it to make a point that it’s the acceptable norm.  We are so surrounded by disposable containers, disposable utensils and disposable gadgets, that finding alternatives is difficult, if not impossible.

Here’s the plan.  For one month, I will not buy anything in disposable containers.  Continue reading