To Infiniti and beyond! [day 2]

check-engine-lightI took my car in for the illuminated “check engine” light and a pre-road trip check up.  This really has nothing to do with anything disposable, unless you consider a car a disposable item.  If that’s the case, then everything is disposable, some of it just lasts longer.  My referral to disposable items for the challenge is items that are single use and then get thrown away, or in some cases, recycled.  Back to the light, that when lit, should just have a dollar sign on it.  I’m about to take my car on a long trip, so I just want to be sure it’s nothing major.  Well, it looks as though it’s time to start thinking about a new (used) car.  The repairs needed to keep this car in good condition are finally exceeding the cost of getting a new (used) one.  Disposable?  I suppose it could be a long-term disposable item. 

People are telling me to just go get a new one, or go lease one.  “Suck it up and get a decent car.  It’s just a small car payment.”  I don’t want a car payment.  I haven’t had one in 10+ years.  My anxiety level is high on this situation.  I went to the mechanic to pick up my poor little car.  The good news is that it’s not anything serious.  The bad news is that fixing older cars isn’t worth the money.  The other good news, which I’ll land on, is that I can still take it on my long trip.  And, I’ll probably be able to drive it until December, when I won’t be able to pass the state inspection without doing these repairs.  I really wanted to get 300,000 miles out of it.  Looks like it will be 200,000.  My kids and I decided last night that we will keep our beloved car and drive it until it dies.  Then Joe has an art project planned for it.  My HOA will love that!

fuzzys taco shopI just wasn’t in the mood to cook or shop for the challenge.  Going out to eat was a much better plan.  We decided on Fuzzy’s Tacos.  They serve half of their food in disposable containers, and the other half on regular plates with silverware.  As I was walking up to the counter, I’m thinking, “This poor kid.  I’m about to be that really weird customer.”

As I explained my challenge, he was determined to help me out.  He had to type the directions into the register for the guys in the kitchen to follow.  margarita hold the strawAfter I ordered my burrito, I then ordered a margarita, hold the straw.  I can honestly say, I’ve never done that before.  My kids and my boyfriend were up next to place their orders.  No, I didn’t make them do this with me.  My kids did get the big plastic cups, only because you can reuse them.  If you bring them back, you get refills for $1.  No lids.  No straws.

burritoThey called our number.  My burrito was on a plate, just as I requested, but wrapped in a paper-foil wrapper.  The combo wrappings are not recyclable.   It was close.  I pulled out the cloth napkin I packed in my bag and ate my dinner.  The guy at the register came out to check and make sure the kitchen accommodated my request.  Awesome!!!  I thanked him, but I didn’t mention the paper wrapping.  I love Fuzzy’s.  They have great service and a Galaga machine!

Off to start day 3.  I cannot ditch the shopping tonight or my cats will start a rebellion over the litter box situation.  I’m also starting an informal challenge in the back of my mind.  Let’s see how long I can make my car last.  To Infiniti and beyond!!!