Still travelling, on a sugar high [day 11]

We reached destination #2 at midnight last night.  My sister’s house in Wisconsin, where the snow is piled high.  In a few minutes, we’re leaving for destination #3: my dad’s cabin in Somewhere, Wisconsin.  I really have no idea where it is, so I’ll just call it Somewhere.

rain drivingIn our 9 hours of driving, it rained for 8.5 of it.  We couldn’t make many stops, unless we wanted to get wet and drive until the wee hours of the morning.  Here are a few of the non-disposable situations I came across.



Breakfast was at First Watch, a local diner in the Kansas City area.  Nothing too eventful there, as they had regular plates and glasses.  The silverware was wrapped in paper napkins, so I didn’t use a napkin.  The food was awesome!   

Eating out is a good option during this challenge, which is a downside to the whole thing.  It’s costly and I should be cooking more.  That was not my intent.

burritoFast Food

Taco Bell accommodated my weird request and placed my burrito in my plastic container.  I totally forgot about the sauce.  I like the little packets of mild sauce, as I am the condiment queen.  I was sad as I realized I could not have those.  They were just starring up at me, looking as sad as I was.

We’re about to hit the road!  I’ll share 2 more photos with you.  Here’s a photo of my happy little car, that made the trip well and the giant bag of cotton candy my niece brought home from work at the movie theater.  Yeesh.  It’s gonna be a long day with my kids if they eat all that sugar!!!

our car in the snow


cotton candy