Fast food without waste? [day 17]

I wonder when the fast food craze will end and the eco food will take over.  What?  It could happen.  Doing this challenge during a road trip was, well, a trip.  2,777 miles in 8 days.


I let my kids buy their own snacks and I didn’t make them participate in the challenge.  They did some of the time, and of their own free will, but I didn’t require it.  We mostly stopped at restaurants, not fast food places.  It’s pretty easy to keep with the challenge at sit-down places.  Our last trek home was a long one, and eating in the car was a good plan.  

wendys bagWe stopped at a Wendy’s.  Their bags are just paper, no coating, which makes them okay for the challenge.  I brought my own cup and asked for my sandwich to be placed at the bottom of the bag, with the fries dumped on top.  The guy helping me was trying so hard not to laugh, and pleasantly played along with my weird request.

fast food less paper wasteAs he handed me our food, he said, “Here’s your two normal meals, and here’s your special meal, in only a bag, no wrapping and no cardboard.”  Then the big smile with the “you must be from California” look.

It is possible to eat at wasteful places without participating in all of it.  If we all made some simple requests at places like this, I would not be the weird hippie chick and businesses might rethink the amount of unnecessary waste they’re producing.  No, I don’t need your double packaging (or the double patties).  No, I don’t need 6 napkins for one sandwich.  Do I look that messy to you?  No, I don’t need the styrofoam cup, plastic lid and paper wrapped plastic straw.  Simple changes.  :)