The biggest no-brainer purchase EVER!

I’m doing a new challenge, one I’ve decided not to blog about until it’s complete.  Well, I guess I’m breaking my own rule here, as the challenge is for 2 months and I haven’t even completed the first month.  The challenge is to buy nothing new.  This excludes groceries and toiletries, of course.  I’m keeping a list of things I would have bought or potentially bought.  In the first 10 days, my imaginary purchases totalled over $500!!!  Seriously.

scotts push mowerYesterday, I made a purchase.  It’s one I’ve been considering for a while.  I bought a lawn mower.  Not just any lawn mower, a manual push mower.  I weighed all the pros and cons, and the answer was clear.  Buy it now.


  • Save $.  I’m saving $810 a year, as I had a yard service.  I’m not lazy, just busy.  Besides, my yard tools caught on fire several years ago and I just knew that was a sign from God to get a yard guy.  :)
  • Help global warming.  A typical gas-powered mower used for one hour is the same emissions equivalent of driving your car for 100 miles. (
  • Eco-friendly.  This shocked me.  More gas is spilled refueling mowers each year than the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez.  Wow. (EPA) 
  • No smelly fumes & exhaust   Not only is this exhaust-free, but when it’s sitting in my garage, I don’t have the gas smell.
  • Free exercise.  It’s really not that hard to push.  Why did we ever add engines to these things anyway?
  • It’s safe.  My kids can use this, even my high-anxiety child who would never touch a gas mower.
  • Reasonably priced.  I bought this on Craigslist for $80.  It retails for around $139.  A gas mower would cost a lot more.
  • No fuel.  They make a solar mower, but it’s $2,500.  This is the best low-cost option for a fuel-free mower.
  • Low maintenance.  I’m sure these can break, but the engine will never die.  It doesn’t have one!  The blades have to be sharpened, but even a gas or electric mower needs that.
  • Peace.  Noise free, personal time outside.  Can you hear the birds chirping?


Can you hear the crickets chirping now?  The only con I can think of is that I have to start doing my own yard.  I’ll miss my yard guys.

scotts manual push mower retro style

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    • Not really. On a regular basis, yes. They’re still doing my weed treatments. I also plan to hire them on an “on call” basis. Every couple of months, I can have them do a mow, edge and clean up. :) CitiTurf is great!

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