Snack packs & disposable stuff I appreciate [day 27]

Honestly?  The challenge isn’t so bed.  Trying to blog it everyday?  That’s the difficult part. I think I need to do my challenges, take notes, then blog about the lifestyle changes.  OR, maybe I just don’t blog everyday.  OR, I micro blog with social media.

Today, I’ll add 3 photos.  It’s like a blog picture book.  I can do pictures.  😉

Here’s a disposable item I like.  Needles and syringes.  My recent trip to the doctors office made me think that there a few things that are good being disposable.

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what’s in the book? Let’s take a look… [day 134]

My friend down the street told immediately when “The Book” came out, and as she said, “This is so everything you’re against.”  I really don’t like being against things, I’d rather be for things that are good, but it’s difficult for me on this one. This stuff is financial insanity.  If I was rich, I still couldn’t feel good about buying any of this stuff.  Even NM calls their stuff ‘over the top’, as it’s the name of their 50 years book about The Book.

So what’s in this book?  Let’s take a look.  (Dr. Seuss intended)  Continue reading