our happy place [day 347]

Happy post Mother’s day!  I took off of blogging yesterday to relax after work and take a nap on the trampoline.  It’s covered by trees, providing a beautiful shade cover… and lots of sharp branches to hit your head on while jumping.  The chainsaw is coming out Saturday.  Like most everything else we own, our trampoline is used and sometimes I’m amazed that it’s still standing.  A large tree feel on it 3 years ago, it has lots of rust spots and the safety net is full of holes, yet it’s still standing and works as well as any new trampoline.  And yes, those are swim noodles duct taped to the poles.

We’ve talked about getting rid of this eyesore, but we just can’t imagine our house without it.  I’m sure the neighbors would like to see it go… as it’s the reason for the loud music that plays in our backyard along with the screaming kids.  More family time happens here than anywhere else in our house.  Yes, this is our happy place.

time to shovel mud again… [day 318]

I’m really tired of fighting with my yard.  When I moved into this house over 4 years ago, I had very little grass.  I have so many trees shading the grass, that type of grass just couldn’t grow.  I had to shovel mud off the sidewalks after any rainfall.  This photo was taken after my yard guy slapped a few pieces of sod down to help with the mud problem.

The next summer, I had St. Augustine put in.  It looked great and I was so happy to not be the ‘ugly neighbor’ anymore.

Unfortunately that grass didn’t last.  I’m back to mostly mud puddles.  I’m doing some research with my new yard guy about what type of grass will work in my yard.  I would really like to get this fixed once and for all.  My yard is a good example of what happens when you don’t do your homework.  I’m learning about my options so I can take care of this once and for all.  Not only is it a cosmetic eyesore right now, but continued soil loss can lead to foundation problems.  I’ll keep you posted.  :)