I’ve been inspired by packaging [day 28 & 29]

I’ve been inspired to create an art series, or maybe this will be a new addition to my Excessable series.  The extreme disposable excess in packaging baffles me.  In some cases, I understand where they’re coming from, however that equates to about 10% of my understanding.

mens-shirt-blank-canvasMen’s shirts.  I wrote a blog post about the ridiculous amount of packaging in men’s shirts.  It takes a good 10 minutes to take a shirt out of the package.  I’m thinking Whodini wouldn’t even be able to do it much quicker.

My idea is to use the shirt as my canvas.  I’ll attach all of the packaging to it to make info graphics to educate people about the waste.  Why buy a shirt that’s packaged like Fort Knox, using 13 different types plastic, paper and metal when you can just buy one off a hanger?  Then you can give the hanger back to the store for reuse?  Continue reading

Snack packs & disposable stuff I appreciate [day 27]

Honestly?  The challenge isn’t so bed.  Trying to blog it everyday?  That’s the difficult part. I think I need to do my challenges, take notes, then blog about the lifestyle changes.  OR, maybe I just don’t blog everyday.  OR, I micro blog with social media.

Today, I’ll add 3 photos.  It’s like a blog picture book.  I can do pictures.  😉

Here’s a disposable item I like.  Needles and syringes.  My recent trip to the doctors office made me think that there a few things that are good being disposable.

needles and syringes Continue reading

Random thoughts about disposable stuff [day 20 & 21]

I haven’t had much time to blog, but I have run into many crazy situations and learned a lot over the past few days.  Here are a few random things.

7I’m reading the book 7: Mutiny Against Excess.  (a) I should have written a book about all of my challenges and experiences.  Shane Claibourne is my hero too.  I also think the world will someday be like a scene from the Book of Eli.  (b)  This book very much parallels with this challenge.  It’s a really good read.  It will mess you up, in a good way.

space shipI wonder what the aliens think of us?  We’re a pretty wasteful society.  I guess their thoughts about planet earth may depend on where they land their spaceship.  America?  Africa?  Mexico?  Finland?

the-colony-tv-showA post-apocalyptic world.  My kids have started watching a new show called The Colony.  Yes, I know, 2009 is not new, but it’s new to us. We only have Netflix.  The program follows some people who must survive in a simulated post-apocalyptic environment.  No, I didn’t make them watch it.  They started watching it and insisted I watch it with them.  It’s a good follow-up to MacGyver, Pawn Stars and Mythbusters.  They have to live off waste and old junk.   Continue reading

Life, death & disposable stuff [day 13, 14 & 15]

IMG_7992As we’re driving back to the cabin in Somewhere Really Far North, Wisconsin, my son says, “Mom?  This snowy landscape looks like hell to you doesn’t it?  Most people think it’s hot, with flames.  You see it as a cold place, don’t you?”  It was the proper use of the word hell, so I’ll let that slide.  “Yes.  This is how I picture it.”

I’ve never been a fan of cold weather.  If we each picture all the things we like in heaven, why wouldn’t all the things we hate be in hell?  It would be cold and covered with snow.  Hell would have only olives to eat, individually wrapped in plastic, on a table cloth made of paper towels, and served with disposable plastic forks.  The walls would be painted beige and I would be required to live in a shopping mall.  Continue reading

I wear your granddads clothes, I look incredible [day 12]

Being that I’m out in the country, in the middle of a snowstorm, there’s not much to report on disposable stuff.  The real issues were encountered before we came to the cabin.

A pain to others…

Buying food.  My sister took care of shopping before we took off to the cabin.  The closest store is 45 minutes away, so there’s no running up to the store for something you forgot.  My kids were thrilled that Aunt Selena did the shopping, as we are in a winter wonderland of prepackaged treats and processed foods.  I brought a few things from home, mostly containers to put food and beverages in while on the road.

IMG_7690W%*&!@#t.  We needed to pick up a few last minute things before leaving town.  We followed my sister to the store, which we were not making the connection that the grocery store would be Walmart.  We don’t shop at Walmart.  I teach my kids that where you shop is your vote for what you stand for.  It’s not that Walmart has not done any good in the world, but I don’t think they do enough to offset the “we buy American” bait and switch or make up for the way they bully their suppliers.  My kids started flipping out in the car.  We decided to go to a different store.  See?  Others are more affected by all of these things we do.  Not that I plan to change that, just an observation.  😉  Continue reading

Jellyfish don’t advertise [day 6]

I’m sitting here, drinking my almond milk latte, and thinking about yesterday.  My latte tastes pretty good.  No creaminess to it like my fat-free lattes, but it’s good.  I like that it’s healthy, which I suppose, makes me a quasi hippie.

breakfastBreakfast.  I started the day by cooking breakfast for my kids.  Yes, I can see the shock on your face.  My kids were looking at me like I was from another planet, wondering what alien life form has taken over their mother’s body.

Scrambled eggs and toast.  No, I did not make the bread from scratch.  It came out of a plastic bag.  We’re almost out of it, so we’ll be making our own or buying it fresh at Whole Foods.  Continue reading