Random thoughts about disposable stuff [day 20 & 21]

I haven’t had much time to blog, but I have run into many crazy situations and learned a lot over the past few days.  Here are a few random things.

7I’m reading the book 7: Mutiny Against Excess.  (a) I should have written a book about all of my challenges and experiences.  Shane Claibourne is my hero too.  I also think the world will someday be like a scene from the Book of Eli.  (b)  This book very much parallels with this challenge.  It’s a really good read.  It will mess you up, in a good way.

space shipI wonder what the aliens think of us?  We’re a pretty wasteful society.  I guess their thoughts about planet earth may depend on where they land their spaceship.  America?  Africa?  Mexico?  Finland?

the-colony-tv-showA post-apocalyptic world.  My kids have started watching a new show called The Colony.  Yes, I know, 2009 is not new, but it’s new to us. We only have Netflix.  The program follows some people who must survive in a simulated post-apocalyptic environment.  No, I didn’t make them watch it.  They started watching it and insisted I watch it with them.  It’s a good follow-up to MacGyver, Pawn Stars and Mythbusters.  They have to live off waste and old junk.   Continue reading

t-shirts [minimalist challenge item #229]

[item] 3 t-shirts

[purchase info] Purchased at thrift stores and one given to me

[time in my possession] Approximately a year

[last used] A few months ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] A fundraiser

[replacement item] None specifically, although I have bought a few pieces of clothing at the thrift store.  If I buy one, I have to get rid of one.

[info] I’m going to either donate these to the thrift store or use the fabric for a “Style Youe Sole” TOMS party.

hours and hours of fun for only $16

The first thing I do when I’m on vacation in a new city is scope out all of the local thrift stores and resale shops.  It was raining yesterday, so the kids couldn’t do some of the things they had planned, so we hit the thrift stores.  The first one had some cool stuff, but way higher prices than what I’m used to.  The second store was a combo resale-thrift store.  I found a great t-shirt there, but they only take cash.  Of course I didn’t have any cash with me.  The boys found a treasure here, something I had when I was their age, but I said no impulse buys.  If they wanted it, they were going to have to return the next day to get it.  I was going back, after a bank run, to get my t-shirt.

The third thrift store didn’t have much that peaked my interest, that is until I turned the corner and found this little gem for $2.  A vintage Polaroid 600 camera.  Now that there’s a company making film for these, they’re not as easy to find.  These are selling on eBay from $10 to $50.  Replicas are going for up to $150.  This little beauty was only $2, an expenditure that was not part of the $16 hours of fun that I’m about to share with you.  I’ll have to order the film for this.  Did I need this?  No.  My kids and I will have some fun with it, then probably turn around and sell it.

My kids were talking the entire time about the vintage toy back at the second shop.  Honestly, I knew they would appreciate it and it was a cool flashback for me.  When we returned, the nice lady working there greeted us with a big smile and said, “You’re back!”  We bought the vintage toy…

Meet Rex, a 70’s vintage string puppet named after our favorite restaurant in Steamboat Springs, CO.  He cost $16, a price that seemed fair for a real vintage toy.  My boys have a great appreciation for vintage things, as they love our 12 rotary dial phones as much as I do.  We decided to take Rex out on the town!  Continue reading

4 pieces of clothing [minimalist challenge item #139]

[item] 4 pieces of clothing

[purchase info] Purchased 2 new at discount stores and 2 at the thrift store.

[time in my possession] Approximately 3-5 years

[last used] Several months ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Skirt went to a resale shop, the others to a thrift store.

[info] The t-shirt and white top were from the thrift store.  The white shirt never fit and I have way too many brown t-shirts.  The skirt is too short for me… so I got one that is 1″ longer.  LOL  The vintage pink t-shirt is cute but I never wear it.

2 tops [minimalist challenge item #131]

[item] A smocktop and a t-shirt

[purchase info] Given to me

[time in my possession] Approximately 2 months

[last used] Never

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Thrift store

[info] I like both but the smock top doesn’t fit and the t-shirt, although I like the graphic, I don’t like the message.

Elvis t-shirt [minimalist challenge item #115]

[item] Elvis Cirque Du Soliel t-shirt

[purchase info] Gift to my boys

[time in my possession] Approximately 6 months

[last used] Once right after they got it

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Fundraiser

[info] My kids said they’re not wearing this.  Bye bye shirt.

think different [day 359]

This is part of an old Apple shirt that I made into a new shirt.  I like the tagline ‘think different’.  It’s a great slogan and it can be applied to many things.  I didn’t think about this when I was coming up with my new domain name, but it’s the same concept.  Rethink good is thinking differently about what is good in life.  It seems as though society is always looking for better, distracting us from the good things surrounding us.  Today, I’m going to step back and look at everything differently.  I have a crazy busy day ahead of me, but filled with good.  Good work, good friends, good chaos, good kids… I could go on.  Even bad things are blessings and can be good.  It’s all in how you look at it.  Have a really good day.  :)

the clothing experiment update [day 323]

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to downsize my wardrobe again.  Why?  I realized I still have too many clothes I don’t wear.  I started by purposely wearing things toward the back, things I haven’t worn in a while.  That led to either realizing I really don’t care to wear it or I really like it and it needs to come to the front.

In the process of making my piles, which is a little sad in itself that I need to make piles of things I don’t want, I decided to make it an even 100 things.  Here’s what I got rid of.

And just like the first downsize of 50% of my wardrobe, I struggled with choosing the last 9 things.  Continue reading

to buy or not to buy, that is the question [day 314]

I found myself at a thrift store about a week ago, one that I haven’t visited in a long time.  I really didn’t need anything, but since I was on that side of town, I decided to check it out.  In the past, any good must be purchased, but now I apply my new shopping skills before buying anything.  Here’s a little bit of what that looks like.

  • Browse first, pick up later. I shop without picking up anything.  I look for things I like, then once I’m done, I go back and get the things I remember.  If it didn’t stick in my head, it’s not worth buying.
  • Do I need this? This question doesn’t mean I can’t have it if I don’t need it.  What it does mean is looking at the big picture.  Why do I want it?  How long will I use it?  Will I even use it more than once of twice?  What item will I get rid of to get this with my one for one model?
  • Can I repurpose something I have, borrow or trade for this? Basically I’m asking, “Is there a better way?”  Let’s take a tool for example.  Do I have something that will do the same job?  Could I borrow or rent this item?  I look at all other options.

I did something a little different on this shopping trip.  I took photos of everything I would have put in the cart or considered buying right away.  Here’s the photos.

Things I didn’t buy.

This extremely well build patio coffee table would have come home with me.  I don’t need, I would barely have space for it, but it was a screaming deal at $29.99.  I still want it just looking at the photo of it.  I love the modern style, and the way this was built, it could serve as a storm shelter.

Awesome cap, too tight for my head.  Continue reading

keep austin weird [day 290]

This is one thing I want to buy, a “Keep Austin weird” t-shirt.  I need to find a thrift store and hopefully they’ll have one.  I guess I could offer someone some money to take one off their back.  After being here for one night, I’m not sure I’m weird enough to fit in here.  I’m a dime a dozen.  Now that is weird.