life without fear [day 341]

I’m pretty sure when God handed out our humanly traits, he did so in alphabetical order.  Clearly I received my ADHD first, because something distracted me from a few of the other lines like crying and fear.  I was probably off looking for abandoned clouds or painting with rainbows.

Missing the crying trait isn’t so bad, but it can be a little awkward sometimes if everyone else around you is leaking ocular fluid.  The fear thing is a different story.  My lack of fear sometimes gets me into trouble, but it has also helped me focus and think clearly in some really bad situations.  Continue reading

the 100 thing challenge [day 335]

I met Dave Bruno several weeks ago at SXSW.  He’s the author of The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life and Regained My Soul.  The basis of the book is simplicity, minimalism and living with less stuff.  I finished reading his book several weeks ago, a great book with many good lessons in it.

Many of the lessons he learned through his downsizing process, I have also learned through my no retail shopping challenge.  My one big take-away from this book was in chapter 6, “Purging Things and Things Past,” where he got rid of his train set.  Dave had planned to build this model train set with his dad’s vision of it, which never came to fruition in his childhood.  The reason this stood out to me is his realization of the stress associated with ownership.  We place expectations on our stuff, creating a distention of our dreams, inclusive of our material possessions.  Once he got rid of the trains, the expectations he placed on himself to create something with them were gone, releasing him from the pressure having another thing to do.   Continue reading

downsizing my girlie stuff [day 242]

As I stated a few days ago, I’m behind on my 2-per-week goal of creating trashograms.  Although these are fun to make, I’m finding other opportunities that have much more impact in the trash society world.  I have a few trashograms to share, then some news to share.


I don’t wear a lot of makeup, as a matter of fact, most would say I don’t wear any.  I do wear a little bit of eye shadow and sometimes lipstick.  (I cringe as I say these things)  I’m not opposed to makeup or people that wear makeup, as it’s a personal choice.  My reasons for not liking it is it takes way to long to put on and I prefer to stay low maintenance.  I also hate the way my face feels with all that paint clogging my pores.  I had horrible skin that used to breakout all the time.  I stopped makeup foundation and about 98% of it cleared up.  Anyway, this is makeup that I’ve had a long time, most of it I was talked into buying.  I downsized my makeup by approximately 75%.

I gave this to a couple of pre-teen girls to use for playtime.  I don’t like to play dress up.  Continue reading