peace and humor are running low [day 350]

When I stated the challenge almost a year ago, a few people asked, “Did you buy a bunch of stuff in preparation to not shop for a year?”  The answer is no.  This was an idea I had when I woke up one morning and I implemented it the moment I thought about doing it.  Preparation for this would have defeated the purpose.  Today, I’m running extremely low on peace and humor, not in the conventional sense, but in lipstick.  I use Bed Head lipstick and the colors are ‘peace’ and ‘humor’.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  I don’t wear much makeup, if any at all.  I suppose this is an example of how little I do wear, as I started the challenge with less than a half stick of peace and a little more than half of humor.  We all know that if you don’t have a lot of peace, you definitely need more humor, so at least my ratios were good.  With just a few days left in the challenge, humor is low and peace is almost gone.  In the beginning of the challenge, I kept thinking there’s no way this will last to the end.  I guess I wear less makeup than I thought.

Just for the record, I’m not going to run out and buy any until they’re all gone.  Why?  I’m scared.  Here’s a flashback and it was my first ever blog post.  :)

You simply can’t discontinue happiness…

A couple of years ago, I did a photo shot of a woman and I couldn’t believe how well her lipstick stayed on and looked so perfect. First, let me start by saying I’m NOT a makeup person. But on occasion when I wear it, I usually just wear lipstick. So I asked her what brand it was and she replied it was made by Bed Head.  Continue reading