crayons are non-toxic, but I don’t want to eat them.

Being the extremely frugal person I am, I was not going to let the leftover queso go to waste.  I was with a large group of people from church, half adults and half kids.  I placed my queso in a non-styrofoam to-go container and realized my kids had leftovers too.  I was warned that there might be crayons in it, but I packed it up anyway.

And yes, I heated some up today and there were crayons in it.  They must have been yellow or really small pieces, as I didn’t see them, but I sure tasted them.  Yuck.  :(

new york city?!?!!?? [day 264]

Just sharing a pic my friend sent from her trip to New York City over new year.  If you look closely enough, there’s furniture, pallets and bags upon bags of trash.  How do we generate so much trash?  And worse yet, how is this okay, having piles of trash around us?  Yuck.